Friday, October 30, 2015

Attefallshus "Frösakull 25"

This is the "Attefallare" we did in Frösakull, You can see it on Klittervägen 18 near Halmstad.
25 square meters with a loft, kitchen and bathroom. The wooden door on the outside is for a washer and dryer, so the main house can use it too. It was made in 3 blocks and transported to the site and set up in a few hours.




Sunday, September 13, 2015

World Cup in Treehouse Building

We were invited to participate in the Magiska trädgårds VM i trädhus this year and be a part of the House of Lutz's team comprised of Håkan Lutz, Gordon Cyrus, Erik Olars and Wojtek Plucinski. Disey Dee Sign and our representative, Kenton Knowles.
There were six teams of six people and we had the same tools and materials, from 8 am till seven pm and the trees were dealt out by lottery.

Because architects never stopped playing...

Conferencing before the competition.

2 hours in and 2 meters up

8 meters at lunchtime

Final cut on the cantilevered platform
4 hours to go..

Safe but second!
The final results.

some of the competing teams entries

The winner! A wheelchair accessible treehouse!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I'm not sure why, but this fall, we have designed 3 houseboats based on our microHus Modular 120 model, seen here...
This is the modular wood at 108 kvm with an added greenhouse, also a sought after model that works well on or close to the water.

Here are the houseboats....

modular 120 microHusbåt Exterior
modular 120 microHusbåt Plan 1

modular 120 microHusbåt plan 2

modular 140 microHusbåt Exterior
modular 140 microHusbåt Plan 2

modular 140 microHusbåt Plan 1

modular 140 microHusbåt Cedar

Houseboat WAVE, Turbin Hamnen, Malmö

Houseboat WAVE, Plan 1

Houseboat WAVE, Plan 2

Houseboat WAVE, Turbin Hamnen, Malmö