Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I'm not sure why, but this fall, we have designed 3 houseboats based on our microHus Modular 120 model, seen here...
This is the modular wood at 108 kvm with an added greenhouse, also a sought after model that works well on or close to the water.

Here are the houseboats....

modular 120 microHusbåt Exterior
modular 120 microHusbåt Plan 1

modular 120 microHusbåt plan 2

modular 140 microHusbåt Exterior
modular 140 microHusbåt Plan 2

modular 140 microHusbåt Plan 1

modular 140 microHusbåt Cedar

Houseboat WAVE, Turbin Hamnen, Malmö

Houseboat WAVE, Plan 1

Houseboat WAVE, Plan 2

Houseboat WAVE, Turbin Hamnen, Malmö